A highly functional hotel laundry area is key to properly cleaned linens, more effective housekeeping, and a positive guest experience. If your operations aren’t running efficiently, it can reflect negatively on your property and your profitability. Evaluate your hotel laundry equipment and processes for these common mistakes to identify opportunities to improve operations.

 4 Hotel Laundry Room Mistakes You Need to Fix

1. Using Outdated Hotel Laundry Equipment

Using Outdated Commercial Laundry Equipment Can Cause Unnecessary Expenses for your Hotel Laundry RoomContinuing to use commercial laundry equipment past its prime can cost you time and money. If your hotel’s washers and dryers are old, outdated, or lacking high efficiency technology, you may experience frequent re-washes, equipment malfunctions and delays, and higher utility bills. Modern commercial laundry machines for hotels have design improvements that make them more dependable and provide a superior wash quality. Programmed cycles automate chemical injections to make operations safer and more accurate, improved rinse cycles save water, and enhanced extraction capabilities reduce dryer times and conserve gas or electricity. Moisture sensors in commercial dryers measure for residual dampness help avoid overdrying, which shortens the life of your linens. All of these enhancements reduce attendants’ responsibilities while delivering the consistently clean towels, sheets, and other linens that guests expect.

2. Ignoring Hotel Laundry Equipment Capacity

Over- or Under-loading your commercial laundry equipment results in inefficient launderingOver- or under-loading your hotel’s washers or dryers is a mistake that will decrease productivity and throughput. An overloaded washing machine provides a less-effective wash and rinse, which can require time-consuming re-washes. A dryer that is overfilled delivers an uneven performance, overdrying some linen and leaving others damp. These longer run times waste energy and increase wear-and-tear on fabrics. On the other hand, underfilling your washer or dryer is inefficient because the larger machines occupy more floor space and require more gas or electricity to operate. Avoid these mistakes by loading your machines to the manufacturer-recommended capacity and using an industrial scale to determine the exact linen volume. If you’re not sure if you have the right capacities for your operation, ask your commercial laundry distributor to recommend the ideal equipment mix for your hotel. 

3. Miscalculating Detergents & Chemicals

Automated chemical injection systems help ensure hotel linens are consistently cleanedImprovising or miscalculating commercial laundry detergents and chemicals or introducing them into a cycle at the wrong time will impact the feel and quality of your hotel’s linens. To properly remove soil without overprocessing, each load requires an exact combination of emulsifiers, sanitizers, softeners, and neutralizers. This precision is what gives hotel towels and sheets their crisp white coloring, fresh scent, and fluffy feel. Mistakes in this process can result in unclean linens, lingering stains, or scratchy sheets and towels, and can break down fabrics more quickly, decreasing their useful life. Take the guesswork out by choosing commercial washers with automated injection processes which provide exact chemical measurements and timing. Not only do they deliver reliable results with every load, but they also reduce human handling of harsh chemicals, resulting in a safer environment for employees. Always follow manufacturer recommendations and discuss options with your chemical or equipment distributor.

4. Improperly Training Staff

Some providers, like WSD, offer on-site hotel laundry staff trainingTraining is time-consuming and expensive, and when you’re dealing with high turnover rates and staff shortages, it can be difficult to find the hours and resources for adequate employee instruction in machine operation. Improperly trained  attendants can lead to many of the mistakes mentioned above. Properly onboarding attendants to your hotel laundry room, from running machines to understanding processing order and performing finishing tasks, goes a long way to having a smooth, efficient workflow. Safety training is also necessary to ensure attendants are performing physical tasks properly and are aware of equipment or chemical hazards. While modern washers and dryers feature intuitive designs, thorough operator training can reduce machine malfunctions and cycle errors and ensure correct operation and maintenance of your investment to prolong its lifespan. Undertraining in any of these areas can lead to confusion, inconsistent results, and improper operational or safety procedures. Western State Design offers onsite equipment training on operating and maintenance techniques to ensure your staff are knowledgeable from the start.
Eliminating these mistakes will make your laundry room more efficient and effective, giving your hotel guests the quality, clean linens they expect. Contact a Western State Design distributor to discuss equipment upgrades or training to improve your operations today.