Why Commercial Laundry Equipment Is a Nail Salon Must-Have

Whether you are starting a new nail salon business or looking for ways to improve your current operations, don’t overlook the benefits of adding a commercial stacked laundry center to your premises. Between towels, aprons, and other linens, your salon needs an efficient way to process laundry. Residential washers can get the job done, but their capacities are much lower than commercial capabilities and they lack specialized settings and advanced sanitation capabilities, so laundry takes much longer to process and doesn’t get nearly as clean. On the other hand, outsourcing to an outside linen service can be costly and complicated, with limited oversight to their sanitation methods and the added challenge of coordinating pickup and delivery times.  

Fortunately, nail salon owners have another option. Rather than struggle with these unsatisfactory laundry options, install commercial laundry in your nail salon. Today’s commercial washers and dryers can help you outshine the competition with convenient controls, improved sanitation, eco-friendly advantages, plus long-term cost savings. Consider these six ways an on-premise commercial laundry center can benefit your nail salon: 


  1. Convenience

    If you have residential-style laundry equipment on site, upgrading to a faster, more efficient commercial stacked washer-dryer unit eliminates hours of runtime, and provides clean linens on your schedule. When staff can process more loads more quickly, they can spend more time focusing on customers. 

    If you’re considering outsourcing your nail salon’s laundry to a third-party, think again. When you get your laundry back from a laundry service, your staff has to unwrap containment wrap and unpackage returned linens before placing them on the supply shelves. And by keeping your linens on premises, you never have to worry about preparing your soiled linens for transport, fretting over timing, and working around another business’s operating hours. 
  2. Increased Capacity 

    With a commercial stacked laundry center, you can quickly process larger loads of linens than you could with residential laundry equipment. A quality commercial unit, such as Dexter Express Commercial Stack Washer-Dryer, has the capacity and power to provide a dry-to-dry time under an hour—much faster than a residential unit. Not only does this save you time, but by quickly cleaning soiled linens, you can reduce your total linen inventory—reducing operating costs—while still providing each customer with a sanitary experience. 
    If you’re outsourcing your laundry, keep in mind that sending your linens out-of-house requires appropriate planning to ensure you have enough supplies on hand while the soiled towels are being processed. Increasing your on-site laundry capacity allows you to consider expanding your business offerings to self-tanning, waxing, or other cosmetic services without overextending your linen sanitation capabilities.
  3. Improved Sanitation

    Keep your nail salon’s towels and linens up to industry sanitation standards with a trustworthy commercial stacked washer-dryer set. Residential washing machines simply aren’t designed for deep sanitization, so they are not suitable for businesses where hygiene is a concern. Musty, stained towels can scare away health-conscious customers, while improper cleaning can lead to contaminated linens that may be hazardous to clients and employees. Commercial washers, on the other hand, feature advanced technology, like automatic chemical-injection and programmed cycles for a more effective clean. The Dexter O-Series washers have temperature-controlled cycles to effectively kill bacteria to eliminate viruses and germs while removing oils, solutions, and lotions from your towels, mats, and other linens. Other great commercial washers are the Milnor Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors which have large cylinder performations to allow for a rigorous wash and thorough rinse. Commercial dryers also feature temperature sensors to monitor your laundry to prevent under-drying, which can lead to a musty smell and damp, unpleasant feeling, and to stop the load before it over-dries linens and causes damage.
  4. Eco-Friendly Advantages

    When you’re looking for a competitive advantage for your nail salon, boasting environmentally friendly laundry practices gives you an edge over other businesses. Milnor washer-extractors have many optimal, energy-efficient elements: The RinSave® water saver feature conserves water usage and water fill inlets prevent overfilling for even less water waste, and technology driven extractor software removes wash liquid more effectively to save on rinse cycles and reduce dryer energy and fuel. Dexter Stack Washer-Dryers feature electronic pressure switches to monitor water levels and reduce water waste, inverter drivers reduce energy consumption without sacrificing performance, and enhanced rinsing that cuts dryer cycle times. Having a reliable washer and dryer also means you can do away with many single-use paper products and implement reusable cloths and towels for everything from your restrooms to your manicure and pedicure services to create less waste. With commercial laundry equipment, you can reduce your utility costs while appealing to eco-minded customers—a win-win for your business’s bottom line. 
  5. Long-term Savings & Reliability

    While commercial laundry equipment is more costly than its residential counterparts, selecting machines designed for business use will almost certainly save you money and hassle in the long run. Because they are energy efficient, commercial machines use less electricity and fuel, helping to reduce your utility bills, plus the faster operating time saves you on labor costs. Residential washers and dryers are susceptible to wear-and-tear, especially when processing large volumes and bulky loads of towels, and can require servicing—or replacement—more often than commercial choices. 

    Using an outside linen service means you have to rely on their scheduling. If they are experiencing delays in cleaning or delivering your clean linens, your business will suffer. Having commercial equipment on-site is the most reliable choice. For reliable laundry that you can count on for years to come, choose durable commercial laundry equipment backed by reliable warranties and dedicated service and repair options from Western State Design. 
  6. More Effective Operations

    When your nail studio relies on its employees to complete laundry during business hours, having commercial equipment with features that make the processes simple and effective is vital. In-house laundry procedures might require staff to load the machine, select and dispense soap, and choose a laundry cycle and temperature—but how do you ensure they are making all of the right selections based on the linen needs? With a residential machine, this is almost impossible without time-consuming training or cumbersome written instructions. And, a linen service might not always consider what’s best for your specific fabrics, especially if you use bleach-resistant or other specialty towels. An outside service might take a one-size-fits-all laundry approach to keep their processes efficient, but that can lead to more frequent replacements due to damage or discoloration for you. 

    With commercial washers and dryers, you can customize preset cycles with the specified water temperature, number of rinses, and automatic chemical injection so your salon’s staff can easily make the correct selections to wash and dry terry and microfiber towels, rayon capes, or cotton uniforms without guesswork and errors. The simple LED screens are available in multiple languages and quickly guide employee selections, making it easy to check a load’s status and return to the salon station with minimal interruptions. 
If your laundry has a tendency to build up, needs rewashing often, or has become difficult to manage with an outside linen service, it’s time to install a commercial laundry center in your business. Contact a Western State Design expert for a commercial laundry consultation today to discover the benefits upgraded laundry equipment can bring to your nail salon business.