4 Reasons Spas Should Choose Commercial Laundry Equipment

Spas are known for their fluffy, decadent towels and plush cotton robes, so it’s imperative that you keep these linens clean, cared for, and in good shape. If you’re finding this difficult, your laundry might be to blame. Residential washers have subpar sanitizing and rinsing features that can cause a build-up of detergent that cause towels to feel stuff rather than fluffy, and uneven airflow in dryers require longer runtimes causing fabrics to break down. A spa laundry service might take a one-size-fits-all approach to your towels rather than selecting the cycles and detergents that provide the best results. Read on to see how using commercial laundry equipment can result in fresher, fluffier linens, easier laundry processes, and provide an eco-friendly advantage. 

1. Cleaner Spa Towels, Robes & Sheets

While linen services use chemical cleaners that provide a quality wash, as a customer, you’ll have little say in which formulas, water temperatures, or cycles they choose, all of which can damage your linens if not done properly. Residential equipment lacks precise sanitizing features, and most machines cannot process chemical detergents so they will never produce commercial-quality results. This is why it is optimal to have commercial laundry machines on site. The automated chemical injection process eliminates the need for employees to manually measure detergents and provides the chemicals needed to effectively remove oils, lotions, and other soiling to keep your spa’s towels bright, stain-free, and odor-free. Commercial washers, including Dexter’s O-Series line, also allow you to specify water temperatures beyond the traditional “hot,” “warm,” and “cold” to achieve the most effective chemical reaction and provide a scientific level of cleanliness. As an added bonus, these high-tech machines aren’t complicated to master, as programmed cycles specify soil types, linen fabrics, and other meticulous details to achieve consistent results without guesswork.

2. Better Linen Care & Fewer Replacements

For a spa, having quality towels, sheets, and robes that are in good condition is key to providing a satisfying customer experience. Trusting a linen service with your supplies may lead to more frequent replacements from one-size-fits-all cycle selections, and transporting your linens off-site frequently can lead to misplaced items and a diminished supply. Residential laundry machines offer limited cycles for washing and drying that are imprecise and can lead to frequent rewashing and long dry times that damage fabrics. Choosing quality commercial equipment for your spa laundry is essential for less-frequent replacements. Easily program wash cycles with your specific linen, terry, and microfiber materials in mind to provide an effective combination of bath time and water temperature, that protects linens from overprocessing while still sanitizing effectively. Commercial dryers feature moisture-detection systems to automatically stop when the load is dry, reducing linen wear and tear from overdrying.

3. Improved Efficiency & Faster Processing

Designing your spa with quality commercial laundry equipment in-house will improve the efficiency of your processes and save you time. Using an outside linen service requires increased handling for sorting, gathering, and preparing linens for transport, plus time is spent on inventory tracking and scheduling. A residential washer and dryer is also an inefficient choice because it does not provide the energy savings of a commercial set, and the smaller load sizes (12 pounds versus 20 pounds) increase labor hours and run times. A commercial stacked laundry unit only requires one hour to take linens from soiled to fresh, clean, and ready-to-fold. Not only does it require less processing time, it also reduces your water, energy, and fuel usage. Sensors prevent overfilling and water waste, drum perforations allow for a much more efficient wash water exchange to reduce rinse cycles, and powerful g-force technology extracts more water for shorter dry times. Dryer sensors allow employees to “set it and forget it” so there’s less monitoring, allowing for better customer service without worrying about overdrying your linens and wasting energy. 

4. Boosted Earth-Friendly Practices

Choosing to process your spa linens with quality commercial equipment gives your business the flexibility to exchange outdated practices with earth-friendly ones to establish your brand and attract eco-minded customers. Selecting these energy-efficient machines can lower your utility bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Adequately processing larger volumes makes it feasible for you to boost your reuse efforts by replacing single-use paper with linens throughout your services and eliminating paper towels and wasteful hand dryers in your restrooms.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, you’ll appreciate the durability, reliability, and state-of-the-art controls commercial laundry offers. When you’re ready to make a change in your spa’s laundry capabilities, contact a Western State Design expert to get started. WSD will find the right equipment mix from reputable brands to fit your space and meet your needs.