Prison Laundry Solutions

WSD supplies commercial laundry equipment & services on a global basis for prison laundry solutions. We represent the premier brands in quality, durability, and operating efficiency.

Prisons handle large volumes of laundry including inmate clothing, blankets, sheets and towels. The ability to process large volumes quickly and effectively is critical. Clean linen and clothing is critical to minimize the spread of diseases that can occur in congregated living quarters.

With inmates operating the laundry equipment, safety and ease of use are essential. WSD's industrial laundry experts will assist you in selecting equipment that includes prison lock-out safety features, as well as automatic chemical injection and programmable controls. This equipment will be reliable, durable, safe, and simple to use and maintain.

Today's budgets are tight, so finding cost-effective laundry equipment is important. The laundry equipment we recommend is eco-friendly. The equipment includes the latest energy saving features to reduce water consumption, natural gas and utilities. These features include water reuse, heat reclamation, and higher extraction speed that will ensure that your laundry is processed in less time and at lower costs.

WSD's laundry experts understand the many challenges faced by institutional laundries. With our extensive experience in the corrections industry, we can help you select the right laundry solution to provide the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, our design and construction team can assist you in building or retrofitting a highly efficient laundry facility. Among our recent projects was design of an industrial laundry as part of an award-winning detention center project in California.

Following is a list of equipment which provides the highest energy efficiency and the lowest water consumption of any commercial laundry equipment available for prison laundry solutions:

Laundry Parts & Service

Western State Design offers genuine OEM parts for all commercial laundry equipment through our Parts Store which is available 24/7/365. WSD Parts Specialists are experienced industry professionals with the mission of ensuring that your laundry personnel gets the right parts for your laundry equipment. We can locate replacement parts on all types of laundry equipment, from recently installed machines to those in service in excess of 25 years.

WSD provides service globally for all brands of laundry equipment. Factory-trained service technicians travel the globe to handle your service needs quickly and completely. WSD offers Planned Maintenance Programs to minimize emergency service calls, extend equipment life, and reduce operating expenses.

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