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Pellerin Milnor Award Winning PulseFlow Technology



Download the Milnor CBW PulseFlow Brochure Here.


In 2010, Pellerin-Milnor showcased their new 5-module 76028 CBW® tunnel with PulseFlow® Technology with 600 G centrifugal extractor at the Detergo Exhibition. The show took place over several days in Milan, Italy and proved to be an excellent endeavor for Milnor.

The Hohenstein Institute’s Andreas Janning presented Pellerin Milnor Corporation with the 2010 Certificate of Innovative Technology for PulseFlow Technology on the show floor. Janning also presented a comprehensive report detailing extraordinary wash quality with minimal fresh water added in the tunnel washer. The report stated, “…The PulseFlow Technology on the tested continuous batch washer obtained a good rinse result and at the same time also a good soil removal with a consumption of fresh water of 2.5 to 3.5 liters per kg linen [0.3 to 0.42 gallons per pound].” (Hohenstein Report 10.1.9-0038-1)


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