Consulting Services - Coin / Vended Laundries

Whether you are looking to build a new store or enhance the profitability of an existing location, our Coin Laundry Specialists can help. From experienced operators to new investors, our Specialists can help you increase sales, reduce operating expenses, maximize profitability, and give your coin operated laundry a competitive advantage. With extensive knowledge and industry experience, our people know the in's and out's of the coin laundry industry. They know the cutting edge trends that can transform your business and take it to the next level.

  • Are you maximizing your laundry's bottom line?
  • Are you satisfied with the status quo?
  • Are your competitors taking your customers?

If your answer to any of the above questions are "No" or "I'm not sure," it may be time to relook at your laundry and decide how you can improve your business. One of the best ways to start your laundry's transformation is to take a fresh look around your store with our Specialists.

  • Who is your customer today?
    • Has it changed from a few years ago? Are they younger or older? Has their family size changed? Are they more socially aware (i.e. environmentally conscious, green, etc)?
  • What does your customer experience in your store?
    • How can you enhance and redefine the customer's experience in the laundry?
  • Are there some low cost changes that could improve the appearance of your store and improve customer satisfaction?
  • Does your equipment mix match the demographics in your community?
    • What specific equipment would most benefit your store?
  • Have you considered the options for coinless laundries?
    • How can a coinless credit/loyalty card system improve your business and your bottom-line?
  • What ancillary businesses make sense for your laundry?
    • New vending kiosks or Wi-Fi? Video games? Snacks, soda, water? Internet jukebox? ATMs? Toy vending? Play areas? Wash-fold service?
  • What are the industry trends in coin laundry?
    • What are the industry trends in coin laundry?
    • What trends have already been adopted by your competitors? Are the results positive?
      • What are you missing? What are your competitors doing right that you are not doing?
  • How can you get your customers to recommend your coin laundry to others?
    • What are they saying about you on the web (e.g. Yelp)?
  • What are inexpensive, easy ways to take advantage of the internet and expand your business?

Our Coin Laundry Consultants will work with you to answer these questions and more during our FREE In-store Check-up. Right from the start of the conversation, we will help you determine the best solutions for ensuring that your store maximizes both its potential and your profit!

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